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Support #BalanceForBetter on International Women’s Day

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Support #BalanceForBetter on International Women’s Day

By Allison Gregory

From our home base in Chicago, Illinois to the edges of Northern and Southern India, there’s a common thread that’s recognized across all cultures: gender imbalance. Today, on International Women’s Day, we’re continuing the conversation by taking a closer look at this issue—particularly for our crafters on the other side of the world.

India has one of the greatest gender imbalances across the globe. There, the issue starts at birth. Sons are perceived as future providers and caretakers, while daughters are seen as an expense and a liability. As a result, illegal sex-selective surgeries are ever-present—causing the gap between the male and female populations to grow significantly in the last 10 years. Although India’s economy is growing rapidly, the female workforce has decreased from 34% to 27% in the past decade—not to mention the 27% gender pay gap for white-collar jobs.

This is precisely why empowering these women is such a necessary step in reversing this trend. When women succeed, society succeeds. When one woman thrives, it impacts her life, her family, her community, and—ultimately—the world. 

There’s much work to be done, but today, we’re celebrating hope. We’re celebrating women’s achievement. We’re raising awareness against bias. And we’re taking action for equality. A balanced world is a better world: every day, everywhere, for every person. 

CAUSEGEAR | MADE BY FREE WOMEN is committed to building up women through self-sustaining jobs. With each purchase, you add another step to her ladder. Will you encourage #BalanceForBetter by supporting one of our crafters today? 

 Copywriting and community are two of Allison Gregory’s greatest passions. As a copywriter for BCV, a Chicago-based social and digital marketing company, Allison writes content for the hospitality industry. With writing experience across a variety of fields, Allison uses her passion for nonprofit work and content strategy to share CAUSEGEAR’s mission, one blog post at time.

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