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The Neighbor Collection | *Limited Edition

Neighbor Collection

The JUSTICE Conference strives to address the worldwide threats of terrorism, violence, environmental challenges and other injustices that shadow our world. As well as seeking justice locally, where cultural divisions are being exploited for political advantage, whilst poverty and systemic injustice continue to lead to widening equity gaps within our society. The JUSTICE Conference helps individuals navigate their passion for justice in these complex and challenging times.

This year The JUSTICE Conference 2017 seeks to confront major global and local issues under the scope of “Love thy Neighbor”. CAUSEGEAR is partnering with the JUSTICE Conference through creating a limited edition Neighbor Collection. A portion from each sale in the Neighbor Collection will go to support ticket scholarships for individuals who are unable to attend the JUSTICE Conference through their own means. Through the purchase of a CAUSEGEAR Neighbor product, you will extend The JUSTICE Conference mission to tackle the major social justice issues that affect all of us globally and locally.

"We are certain that each person who is encouraged, inspired, educated, and equipped to pursue justice, is one more person who can help change the world."