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CAUSEGEAR is grateful to have advocates For Human Justice.  As an advocate you will make a sustainable impact on the lives of our crafters, increase awareness while earning valuable income. Below are the details of the program. The CAUSEGEAR team is excited to see the impact you will make.


  1. Set your impact goal for the next 3-6 months.  Every CAUSEGEAR item provides life changing essentials for the crafter or a dependent.
  2. Share the CAUSEGEAR brand and mission by using CAUSEGEAR as your go-to gear, telling those you meet the facts of injustice and handing out CAUSEGEAR  booklets.
  3. Encourage others to provide life changing work for the crafters through shifting their consumer purchases to CAUSEGEAR when it fits their needs. 
  4. Organize and host events to increase awareness and provide others the opportunity to action for justice. Some great material and videos can be found on the LEARN page at
  5. Collaborate with other leaders, influencers and organizations (teachers, business leaders, authors, artists, speakers, clubs, companies, or organizations to increase your reach and impact.
  6. Host a CAUSEART event. Engage others in the fun of painting their own gear while learning about justice.
  7. Follow and share CAUSEGEAR Instagram and Facebook accounts, leveraging the power of the brand and message.


Your biggest accomplishment is impacting the lives of the crafters through gear sales, though you also earn income on all sales.  All sales transactions are through , saving you the cost, time and work of maintaining inventory and order fulfillment. During the online checkout process, customers select your name or organization (in drop down menu)  to provide you credit for the sale. At the end of every month CAUSEGEAR sends you a sales report and a check for the total amount earned for the month. You receive 10% commission on all your sales.


As an advocate you get a 50% discount on the purchase of any gear for personal use.


GETTING STARTED To get started, fill out the online app at