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A unique social platform to engage others in the fun of painting their gear while hearing the latest about social justice. Pairs well with a YOUR CAUSEGEAR campaign.

Before the event

Select a date

Once this is decided you can start promoting and getting people excited.

Place your order

Place your order at least 2 weeks before your event to ensure your CAUSEGEAR will get there in time. Order for more than 10 items each should be placed at 30 days in advance. All canvas items can be painted though the natural canvas items are the most popular. The following come in natural: Sport Bag, Canvas Tote, Laptop Case, and Canvas Pouch.

You can choose to purchase the products yourself (and then collect money from attendees at or before the event), or have your attendees order individually. Remember to consider taxes (for IL residents only) and shipping costs.

Review the CHECKLIST and get some decorating supplies

The CHECKLIST helps with preparing for your party. Bring it with you when you head to your local arts/crafts store.


You can create your own stencils with a few inexpensive items. If you need some inspiration, many stencil tutorials are available online.

CAUSEGEAR natural canvas totes painted with scenes of a coastal sunrise and a meadow with a tree.   


Here is how CAUSEART events typically go down.

Intro & Video

Do a quick introduction about why you're doing this event.

  • You want to fight slavery in a tangible way
  • You want to do something fun with your friends
  • You want to raise money for a charity

Show the 5-minute CAUSEGEAR video. 

Paint away!

Play some music. Paint and decorate the bags.

Share your pics online

Take plenty of pictures and ask your friends to share about the event on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, etc. Use #CAUSEGEAR and your pictures may end up on our social media pages.

Interested in hosting a CAUSEART event?

Email to start the conversation.