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Kathryn Eastham


Kathryn EasthamMy passion for human justice is rooted in my conviction that I simply cannot ignore what I know and what I have seen. Modern day slavery is a global injustice that has gripped my heart since the moment I first learned about it. For the past six years, I have been seeking to learn and gain knowledge of the stories and statistics of the modern day slavery occurring all over the world. I have also had opportunities to engage in fighting this human injustice through various volunteer positions. I initially became interested in CAUSEGEAR because of their mission to restore lives in India. A few years ago, I spent a summer in Kolkata, India and I witnessed the brokenness, injustice, and unfathomable poverty. There is a deep need for love, restoration, and empowerment in the country of India. I love that the CAUSEGEAR business model is transparent and provides evident, sustainable change for each crafter. Every product represents a renewed life of a crafter who now has hope to end the cycle of unfathomable poverty for themselves and their families. I am grateful and excited to be working for a brand that creates sustainable change For Human Justice®.

I grew up in Maryland and I now live in a cozy Chicago apartment with my husband Will and our ginger cat. I graduated with a BA in Urban Ministry from Moody Bible Institute and my love for the city continues to grow.

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