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Lindsey Dovichi


At the age of 12 Lindsey heard about the injustice of the child sex trade at a church youth group retreat. It changed the way she approached life from that point on. She knew that she would be involved in finding justice for those who were facing hopelessness and has been open to what that role looks like in the different seasons of life as a student, college graduate working 3 jobs to pay off loans, and now wife and mom to two young sons. She has had the opportunity to travel to Zambia twice and once to Juarez, Mexico where she learned about the injustice of poverty, AIDs and slavery. 

Lindsey enjoys living near Madison, WI, running, cooking ethnic foods with her husband and keeping up with her two little ones who can cause quite the stir! She is thankful for the reminder she finds in her sons that this life is so much more than her little family. She hopes to teach her sons how to break down barriers, to love selflessly and to feel blessed with the opportunity to give someone more even if it means you have less. 


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