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The CAUSEGEAR® and MADE BY FREE WOMEN® lines of apparel and accessories are freeing women and men from slavery or extreme poverty through empowered jobs that provide (Food, water, clothing, housing, medical, & education). On average one item provides one day of freedom. Today there are over 750 million people living in poverty* and over 45 million slaves** (40% in India). Women make up over 70% of slavery **. CAUSEGEAR’s mission is to transform the lives of one million people.



Slavery is largely a symptom of poverty, in-equality, corruption, and exploitation. 90% of poverty in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. The popular belief is that we will end poverty through more humanitarian aid, though the facts show that aid isn’t working. During the last 26 years 1 trillion dollars of aid has been given to Sub-Saharan Africa where the number of people living in poverty has increased. In South Asia poverty has remained the same. The fashion industry is one of the largest industries and is growing in South Asia where the average minimum wage is $1.90/day. Well paying dignified jobs provide an effective pathway out of poverty while reducing the chance of slavery and the need for long-term charitable aid. 

An L3C low profit social enterprise with 90% of profits benefiting crafters. Learn more and read their personal stories of freedom. 

*According to the World Bank. Defined as living on $1.90/day. ** According to The 2016 Global Slavery Index. View complete report at