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Designed in Chicago and handcrafted in India, CAUSEGEAR’s mission is to transform the lives of one million people trapped in unfathomable poverty & injustice to become self-sustaining.  Meticulously hand crafted by those freed from human trafficking and extreme poverty. Every purchase provides life’s essentials (food, water, clothing, housing, medical, and education) through a dignified 5X JOB. Learn more and read their personal stories of freedom.



Today there are over 750 million* people living in poverty and 45.8 million slaves** (40% in India). When jobs don’t provide for life’s essentials, many end up in slavery. The CAUSEGEAR 5X JOBS Model is a sustainable alternative to hand-outs and a dignified pathway out of poverty.

*According to the World Bank. Defined as living on $1.90/day. ** According to The 2016 Global Slavery Index. View complete report at