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Susan Pokorny


Susan Pokorny

Susan has always had a passion for helping others to be their best and live with abundance. Her diverse background has taken her to many aspects of humanitarian support including patient care as an X-ray tech student, fundraising for international non-profit organizations and missions trips to Mexico and India with her daughter. She has always had a heart for the “least of these” and continually seeking wisdom in using her God-given gifts to help others. She has been active in the wellness industry for more than twenty years including time as a fitness instructor and a Registered Yoga Teacher. She has always had a deep conviction to make the world a better place, whether by reducing our impact on our natural resources, eating organic foods or upcycling goods to be better stewards of our world. During these years of service, she also earned her BS in Textiles and Merchandising and worked in the retail industry for several years. She began the plastic bag recycling program at Kohl’s Department Stores as an intern after seeing the tremendous waste in the  stockroom. She also spent some time at a direct mail marketing firm where she developed client relations and sales support in a fast-paced environment.

She eventually migrated more into health & wellness coaching and focused her volunteering efforts to support at-risk women, children and teens.  Whether teaching women jewelry-making skills in India or singing with children, she seeks to minister to the spirit of those she is with and make an impact on issues of social justice. Most of her time is spent raising her six kids with her husband, they also serve together in youth ministry working to raise a caring, purpose-driven generation.  Joining CAUSEGEAR has brought her full circle and encompassed the many aspects of her life experiences into the same place. When she isn’t loving her family and connecting with friends you can find her working on some fundraising art project, sewing up a ripped knee on her kid’s pants or cooking Indian food with her daughters.

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