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Tyler Fonville


Tyler Fonville

I hail from Sherwood, Arkansas and currently live in the great city of Chicago. I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from Harding University and am currently employed at a design studio in River West. Then just before moving here, I married the most beautiful girl Becca Fonville! I love ultimate frisbee, golf, and sarcasm, but ultimately hope that I can help enrich the kingdom of God.

Having said that, CAUSEGEAR presented itself with impeccable timing. For at least 3 months, I had been praying to God for the opportunity to change the world. Finally, one Sunday at church, Brad presented CAUSEGEAR to the congregation, and I made my move. I wanted to change the world and CAUSEGEAR lined up with that. I pitched the idea of volunteering myself and what I could do for CAUSEGEAR. Brad later accepted my offer and it's been great to work with them ever since.

My life’s goal is to rebrand the Word, and CAUSEGEAR has been an excellent place to start. God created life, and CAUSEGEAR serves as a catalyst for freedom in life. All of this works only because God is involved, and I love that.

Currently I’m photographing the products and editing in my spare time, whilst giving fierce art direction and random opinions of things. Find me on Facebook and feel to contact me whenever!