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Ahmad takes great pride in becoming a lead tailor at the workshop where he makes CAUSEGEAR products. With 4 growing children at home and a beautiful wife that struggles with chronic illness, regular work and consistent salary is absolutely necessary. And this is what brought him to work where he is now sewing CAUSEGEAR bags. Before this Ahmad struggled to find consistent work and did not know how he would afford to send his children to school, purchase the medicine and care his wife needed, and put food on the “floor eating mat” for his family. No dinner tables in this part of South Asia. Ahmad now receives a scholarship through work that allows for all 4 of his children to attend school. From his own hard-earned money, he has the finances needed for health needs within his family, and his wife has regular visits from the company nurse as well as the chance to rub shoulders with women working in the business who can encourage her and walk with her through the challenging years of raising young children. Ahmad says, “We work hard and it is a kind and wonderful atmosphere.” He experiences hope daily.