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Zubair is one of the most experienced crafters. He comes from a tiny village in Bihar, a state which is known for its extreme poverty. There are many reported cases of crime and suicide in the area. Most cases are motivated by the unrelenting pressure of debt. Zubair moved to New Delhi to try to scrap out a living and a new life for his family.

He continuously thinks of his family, including his two children, back in the village. They live in unimaginable conditions, lacking clean water, required nutrition, and basic sanitation. The whole family, including the extended family, of about 8-10 people live in a 10' x 12' room with an open kitchen.

Zubair wants to be the man who breaks the vicious cycle of poverty for his family. The cycle must stop at this generation. He intends to provide an education for his children so that they come out of the cycle and lead a normal life. He currently sends 90% of his income back home to take care of expenses and debts. As he earns a better income, he might be able to bring his wife and children to Delhi so they can stay together as a family. He also wants to support his handicapped and ailing father.