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Masroor and his wife remember a time when each guest and family member who arrived at their door sent them to their small cubby hole kitchen with its empty shelves and left them wondering how to make food out of nothing and feed their three growing boys. The tension didn’t lift after the guests left. Masroor had no work. His father had passed away. He was married to his beautiful wife before he had learned any skills, had any real work experience, or been called to a dignified level of work. The level needed just to provide for his family.  In their 200 sq ft home in North India Masroor looked at his three young boys and knew education was necessary but next to impossible.

Then Masroor began working for CAUSEGEAR's partner. Learning new skills each day, each year. Challenged to step into new things, he felt timid at in the beginning but was encouraged that life and hope for his family would come if he could persevere and learn. Now, one of the top stitchers in the workshop, Masroor is given new designs to make initial samples for companies like CAUSEGEAR, along with awards for faithfulness, trustworthiness, and hard working. He’s been given scholarships for his 3 boys and proudly returns home at night with dignity and accomplishment in his mind and anticipation in his heart for what his family’s future holds.