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Mizan left his small school and daily school uniform in grade 8 to look for work that could provide for his family. With 5 other brothers and sisters and little income in the family, Mizan felt the weight of responsibility. Many young boys in the narrow gullies and brick homes of his North India rural town of 1.5 million are lost in the shuffle, desperate for work. But work, consistent life giving work, more often than not, cannot be found. Even with some tailor skills he struggled for a number of years on a piecework basis working various jobs. Then two years ago he was introduced through his uncle to a job where he now stitches CAUSEGEAR products. It is an environment where he has been able to build his skills in an encouraging, empowering environment and receive a regular, monthly fair trade wage. His family, needless to say, are very happy and very proud. Desperation and hopelessness lost. Joy and Dignity found.