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She still has a vague memory of when she was locked in a 6' x 6' room for 7 days as her parents went visiting their relatives in a different town. She was only four years old, but that feeling of being unwanted is still fresh. How she survived that ordeal is another story.

Pooja is the second of five siblings, and she was the only income-earning member of her family. She lived her life in a slum cluster just outside the city limits – most people who live there have leprosy. When her father abandoned the family, her mother put her in a small living area with very strict rules and regulations.

She found her way to CAUSEGEAR′s first partner in India. She now lives in a supportive, positive community where she is influenced by mentors and leaders while growing in her faith. Now she is a woman who can manage administration, finance, and workers, as well as craft high-quality leather products.

Pooja is undergoing training to do high-level quality control of finished products before they are shipped to buyers.  She is now working to help her younger sister and two younger brothers come out of the life circumstances to which she was once subjected. She serves as a role model for her siblings and others living in similar circumstances.

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