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One of seven siblings, Rafiq is an energetic young man. As residents of a remote village of West Bengal, Rafiq’s family struggled with extreme poverty and a variety of unexpected natural calamities every year.

Driven by poverty, Rafiq moved to the city of Kolkata to work in a T-shirt printing unit at a young age. He worked there for long shifts of 15-18 hours per day. To maximize profits, the factory owners used cheaper chemicals for printing, putting at stake the health of the workers. Unfortunately, this story is too common.

Constant exposure to the chemical fumes ruined Rafiq’s lungs at an early age and he was unable to continue work anywhere. As starvation knocked at his door, Rafiq did not have the option of not earning an income.

In early 2012, Rafiq had moved to Delhi to live with his uncle who works for the embroidery unit of CAUSEGEAR's partner. This is where he discovered his interest in working with leather products and began working on CAUSEGEAR products.

Although, he still suffers from lung problems and needs regular medical attention, Rafiq has proved to be a dedicated and trustworthy worker. He has since been made in charge of the store room.

All his life Rafiq has seen extreme poverty and struggle for daily bread. What he sees ahead is a life of fulfillment and a coveted opportunity for a happy family.