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To meet Saima you wouldn't immediately know the weight she has carried for her family. Her beautiful smile and eager heart to learn doesn’t show the weight at first, but every woman has a story and Saima is no exception. She's the oldest of 4 sisters. She lives in a culture where girls are often felt to be a burden on their families until the family can save enough money to marry them into another family where once again they become dependents. Saima has disproved that theory. She worked very hard and finished grade 12 but her father is very elderly and her mother has paralysis. This meant Saima had to find some source of income, but where? These are the stories of desperate women and they often end up in human trafficking and abuse. Thankfully, through a family friend she was introduced to CAUSEGEAR's partner where she was told she would not only learn skills and earn a wage but she would be in a safe environment where she could be empowered and taught life skills as well. Her family is so proud of her! The need is still great with three younger sisters at home and both parents sick but there is joy and hope in her days now. A quick learner, she now makes CAUSEGEAR products and knows her future looks brighter than ever before as she continues to earn a fair wage and grow in skills and courage daily! We are so proud of Saima too!