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Her warm, shy smile will draw you in from the first moments you meet her. Shahida faithfully stitches at a sewing machine each day weaving not only works of art to share around the world but the future of her children as she thinks through the many needs waiting at home and the work in her hands that meets those same needs.

Raising four growing kids in North India, all still in school, is a feat to be cheered. Three daughters and one son. Her daughters she hopes will be the first generation of young women in her family to graduate and wish to attend college. Her son she hopes to see grow into a teachable educated young man. Hope is the key word here. And each piece of fabric she stitches continues to build the hope within her.

Shahida’s face lights up as she receives work and she is so very talented that she learns every new design given her to sew. This provides much work for her. Work for her and for the 10+ women from her community she now oversees. With the machines and generator at our work shop giving her the most productivity, she sits almost every day next to the sunshiny window sewing “food, clothing, schooling, and hope” into the lives of her children.

The most beautiful thing for Shahida though is the hope growing in her heart. With tears in her eyes she shares, “since working here (with Village Artisan) I have had a peace in my heart. Now, I have so much peace.”

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