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Working 14 hours a day, seven days a week is hardly the dream of a teenager. Born in the small town of Kanpur, Shahzeb started working at the age of 13 to support his family of seven. For the 98 hours of hard work through the week, he was paid 50 rupees (less than $1) as his wages. He was paid because he was better than the other guys his age who were only given a bit of food for the equal amount of work. The workshop floor was their bed.

Over the next ten years, Shahzeb developed skills as a worker, but continued to be exploited. On several occasions, the buyer would cite a minuscule flaw and unilaterally decide not to pay him; while still taking the products and selling them for full price.

Such instances of exploitation made Shahzeb’s life very unstable and depressed. In May 2012, he was invited to work in the CAUSEGEAR production team. He has been a good worker and has already proved himself to be a great asset to the team.

He dreams of having a healthy family and some day having his own production unit.