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Gift Card Bundle

Designed for groups of 5+, the CAUSEGEAR Gift Card Bundle provides an opportunity to impact the world for good while rewarding & engaging clients and team members. Poverty and slavery are at the forefront of global issues. Millions need basic essentials like food, water, & clothing. As tempting as it is to directly donate these things, this can create a cycle of dependency that limits local business and job opportunities. A sustainable solution is to shift purchases to ethical brands that support dignified jobs that empower people to provide for themselves.

By purchasing gift cards you impact the lives of the crafter while engaging others in important global change. All gear comes with a unique crafter FACETAG, a link to their story, & a lifetime guarantee.


  • Free personalized envelope available for orders of 50 or more cards. (Please provide your company name in the Notes section of the Cart page.)
  • Cards come in $10, $20, $35, $50, $75, and $100 amounts.
  • Allow 3 weeks for personalized envelopes.

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